Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

I can't remember much of the last week's doings. Archie left school but has to go back from some exams in June. He seems much happier and even freed up his brain enough to start some new animation projects.
Today we went to two boot sales in Whitegate and Moulton. The first was in a sunny field and well attended with 50 or so cars parked round the edge of a football pitch. Betty had a stall there with her daughter. We didnt find many bargains just a couple of DVD's so went on to the next one at the British Legion in Moulton. Juts a few stalls here and also not many bargains except ( a blackbird just flew into the window with a bump!) another DVD of an old Orson Welles film "The Lady From Shanghai". Hazel got some plants.
Then to Morrisons to get some bar-b-q foods like buns and vege burgers, salad and orange juice etc.
Had lunch in the garden which was very pleasant under the shadey sycamores. No noisy neighbours with power drills this time.
Talk was of old recordings of Archie when he was 5 or 6. I knew I had some on cassette somewhere and after lunch managed to find two and dubbed them onto MP3. Very funny they are too.
Now its dinner time already and time to get some cheese on toast and salad.

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