Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grosvenor Museum

Had to pop into Chester today to fetch rejected collage from the museum. Hazel drove to "park and ride" and then the bus. Got there a bit too early. Looked round the charity shops first and found a CD wallet that are always useful. Hazel went off to Morgan's and other clothes shops she likes while I waited for the museum to open with all the other rejects!
It took about 15 minutes to shuffle in and sign a form whilst frazzled looking helpers looked for the rejected work and held it up so everyone could see it and think to themselves " Oh yes, awful, I can see why they rejected that one!"
Maybe just me then.
I went back to get Hazel and we looked round the Open Exhibition which was open already though the PV is on Tuesday. My collage was hung about 6 inches off the ground so great for any midgets or elves. Other abstract work of the same size was hung higher up which made no sense whatsoever. Hazel wrote as much in the visitors book but I restrained myself incase they black listed me! The whole show was a bit of a jigsaw with pictues hung higgledy piggledy with no apparent thought of how they would be seen. It was a bit of a curates egg as most open exhibitions are with the shoddy amateurs hung side by side with more accomplished professional work.

Went to sit on the Roman gardens to eat our vege sausage rolls and drink our Cola.
Then back via all the buskers and the town crier to the bus and home.
Archie phoned us just as we got to the Craft Centre and asked if we'd had lunch. We told him we had bought him a sausage roll and he could wait 30 minutes or make his own. He agreed to wait. We popped into the co-op to get more food. Didnt see hardly any motorbikes despite the annual Thundersprint on today and tomorrow..


Jonathan said...

Congrats on getting a piece accepted.
Sounds like there was lots of competition. Too bad it was installed badly. I'd love to see what the show looks like, but I guess they discourage the photographing of it.
I should be doing that... entering shows AND installing the artwork.

shelbyisms. said...

Congratulations on the acceptance :D

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jonathan and Shelby. I'm in two minds about the whole idea of being in a strange mostly amateurish show such as this. I used to enter more when I was younger and had varying degrees of success - the high point being in the 80's at the Whitechapel Open. my painting of Sams Pig got featured in an article in the Guardian newspaper.
The Whitechapel was a great open show though because many young arists lived in the east end of London and this was their main chance to shine every year. I got something accepted every year for about 6 years running. Never sold a thing though.
I didnt think to take any photos Jonathan. If I go back I will try and do a sneaky snap for you.