Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nantwich - Alsager

A nice day out to Nantwich to go round the charity shops. We had lunch outside a cafe watching the world go by. It was very sunny and warm - like a real Summers day.
There was live music too from a great band called the Swing Commanders on a small stage in the town square. They played lots of western swing and some old Andrews Sisters songs etc. Here you see a clip of their Hawaiian War Chant. This Flip video really doesnt do them justice.
Then off to see Tony and Pene and their sons and new grand-children Esme and Ellwood. Sat in the garden and had tea and cake. Nice to catch up with what everyone was doing and see the babies do their thing. Being cute and the centre of attention ofcourse. I bounced Esme on my knee but she looked like she might cryso I gave her back to Daddy pretty sharpish!

We got home just in time to see the easter Dr. Who and have some cheese on toast.
Have also been watching the new Red Dwarf trilogy which is O.K. but nothing special. I found the old Smeg Ups afterwards much funnier.

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