Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday/Monday

A nice sunny weekend up in Cheshire though we hear the South East was a bit grey and damp. Makes a nice change for us to get some good weather at Easter. Though this will probably turn out to be our Summer!
Hazel and Archie had fun with their circus skills in the back garden. It was nice just to sit out there and enjoy the birds tweeting and ants running off with the cake crumbs.
On Sunday hazel and I went to the big boot sale at Chelford which costs two-fiftyto park. It is huge though and took us a good hour to walk round. Hazel was annoyed at first with all the jostling and crowds but soon relaxed and bought a few things including some nails and rusty Elastoplast tins etc. I found a few DVD's including "Help!" with bonus disc of extras for two quid and loose 50p extra disc of "Pans Labyrinth".
In the afternoon we had lunch at Granma's and weeded their back garden. Took out three buckets of dandylions! Also had tea and trifle later on which was far too filling. They wanted us to eat cake as well!
Today Archie has gone off to see a friend in Weaverham and we drove on to Frodsham to look round the charity shops and have lunch in a bakery. Afterwards went to Lady Heys antique centre to rummage in more junk. Bought another recycled tin indian lantern to balance up the other one. Its made from baby milk cans. Also a record by Jimmy Durante which will no doubt feature on my blog soon. It has all his hits on it like "Ink Dinka Doo" and "The Lost Chord" etc.
Hazel got more metal thingies for her blog. We tried some freee samples of beer in the Staion House micro-brewery that's just opened. Delicious bottled ales . We bought three to try.


Roger Stevens said...

Archie and Hazel are so talented, aren't they?

wastedpapiers said...

I know - you should see them push a peanut along the path with their noses - it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

how is Jilly?
Hazel x

Roger Stevens said...

Jilly is fine. And you wouldn't know she'd retired. Busy as ever.

WV stononns

(I had a bad case of them once.)

wastedpapiers said...

The last we heard she'd fallen down some steps and hurt her ankle? Hopefully she has recovered fully.

WV is "snuct" which is a great word.
A cross between a shrew and a duck,