Monday, April 06, 2009

Another Week

Another week has flown by.
Our chimney has been knocked down by Bruce the builder and he's putting it back up again. It looks pretty good so far but his visits have been a bit erratic being "double booked" and the house over the road has distracted him too - overseeing the plumber and electrician etc.
I have a new Epson scanner which I managed to track down and had delivered on Friday. Its been working fine ( touch wood) and have enjoyed raking through piles of old negatives and slides to upload, I still have trouble with some of the settings for more obscure size negatives but it seems to cope with most things. See results at Flickr or on Facebook.
Today we avoided the rain and went to Chester for a wander round the shops and see the buskers etc. Motley groups of musicains playing accordions ( four in all ) and two trumpet players within a hundred yards of each other. Standing in the middle you got a weird ossilating sterao effect! Also the juggler above who had trouble atrracting a crowd at first and could hardly be heard above the din of the accordion and trumpet group. One of the highets diabolo throws I have ever seen. One of those big halibut faced aeroplanes flew over during his performance which brought a surreal slant to the proceedings.
Had a nice vege sausage roll for lunch. Managed to drag Hazel from the Morgans shop before she spent huge ammounts of money on a tentlike dress.
I got a Victor Borge 10 inch LP from a charity shop but not much else. hazel bought a book about inventions in the Oxfam and Archie got a book about piano chords ( much to our surprise) in the Works.
Got the "park & Ride" back and got home in time to make Bruce a cuppa before the rain came down and he covered up the chimney and went home.

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