Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bluebell Woods

We walked down to the Co-op this morning to get the papers and check out the boot sale in the car park. before we got there a man and his dog said "Only two cars!" and indeed there was and they hadn't even unpacked the boot yet.
Anyway, plenty of other car boots today - typically a famine last week and feast this with boots at WhiteGate, Lostock and Walnut Farm.
We drove next to Whitegate and found the field eventually by peering through hedges as we sped along the leafy lanes.
It was well attended by over 50 cars and all around the edge of the football pitch.
I got a few DVD's for a few pence each including Billy Connolly Live, The Good. The Bad and The Ugly, The Serpent & the Rainbow and a great documentatry abou the Music Hall era. Also a double DVD of Wall-E that was brand new, an unwanted Xmas gift.
Hazel didnt find much but found some tiny german dictionarys and some plants.
We drove to Lostock next and found a few stalls at the Community Centre. More DVD's including Cabin Fever and a doc. and concert with Al Green.
After lunch of mushroom pate on toast and salald we went for a walk to Marbury as it was still very sunny to see the bluebells before they faded.
So nice to see the woods transformed by the colours and the other spring flowers like the wild garlic whose strong aroma filled the air.
Actually we had lunch after the walk. the day has flown by and now Hazel is catching up with some college work and Archie who should be swotting for his GCSE's is playing some old games on the SuperNintendo he's dusted off from the cupboard.
Soon be time to start thinking about dinner. Maybe those quorn chunks Hazel bought from the health food shop.

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