Sunday, October 12, 2008

Talacre Beach

Nice day out to Talacre Beach in Wales today where we met up with lots of Hazel's colleagues celebrating the retirement of Tony from the Interactive Arts course at MMU.
Beautiful weather - can't quite believe how lucky we were - it was even better than the so-called Summer! Lovely realxing time with huge picnic that we all chipped in with and wine and cake etc. Yum!

Also silly games on the beach and sand dunes like - kite flying, quoits and boules. Some beautiful shaped kites of all descriptions and even one from the first world war that had diagrams on the cloth of how to assemble.

Quite lot of people had the same ide and the beach was pretty busy with families walking dogs and horse riders - lots of kite flyers too besides us.
The only downside was the toilets were locked up so we had to sneak into a pub nearby to use their wash rooms. Nobody said anything.
Tony gave Archie a nice card for his birthday ( Friday ) witha photo of the lighthouse on. So a nice double take here. Archie's friend Jack came along for the ride and kept Archie company- playing cricket on the sand with the tiniest wickets ever made.


Adele said...

Ah, there's Dave! How is he? That kite with illustrations sounds rather lovely...

wastedpapiers said...

Dave was very well despite finding the sand tough going with his bad legs. I should have taekn some close ups of that kite. I think Tony did.

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