Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not A Place To Dangle David Attenborough

Another week wizzed by. Nothing much really to report. Have been having fun with Crazy Talk software again to add stuff to YouTube. I can't seem to get onto my old YouTube page so have started another which is annoying. The computer can be so frustrating at times!
It's been pretty awful weather all week so havent been out much. Went to town the other day and got some old Humphrey Bogart films on video- 25p each! Those old Warner Brothers film noirs are really great. "The Big Sleep" and "The Maltese Falcon".
I made the mistake of getting some smoked haddock which still has the skin on and made a fish and egg kedgeree with it. The skin was tougher than i thought! I will stick to skinned cod next time. It was very sticky too - I think they must use fish skin to make glue?
We had a look round the Mid Cheshire College open evening the other night. Archie wasn't keen to go but it was interesting to look round the new art block. The tutors seemed very enthusiatsic about the courses they provide and the work looked good. Amazing facililties for ceramics and printing etc. Tons of Macs everywhere. Archie still has a while to make his mind up what he wants to do.
Still looking back fondly at last weekends beautiful summery weather and how lucky we were to go to the beach for a picnic.
Hazel had a cake made for Tony by the lady over the road. She lugged it into college for a party at some wine bar. She said it was nice and lots of ex-students turned up to wish Tony well on his retirement. The cake had a little model of a campervan on the top as Tony has a new one now to travel around to visit his grand children etc.
Nice and sunny today. Hopefully can get out for a walk this afternoon if Archie gets up!

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