Tuesday, October 07, 2008


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My pathetic efforts at trying the play the ukulele in the back garden. Not sure why this film is so grainy.
A quiet weekend. Weather awful. The rain put pay to the boot sale on Sunday but brightened up for a walk round Shackerley in the afternoon. The Sunday Times had a free CD of the Doors "Strange Days" in which was nice to hear again - reminded me of art school days in the 60's - one of the first west coast bands I'd ever heard. On Monday they gave away Love's "Forever Changes" - amazing! I still have a scratchy vinyl version of this somewhere so nice to get a pristine CD copy. Still sounds great today. Strange days indeed , when banks and economy is crumbling they can give away classic albums for nothing. Some more next week including New Order and Joy Division.
Archie had a day off school yesterday because of staff "Inset Day" - never figured out what they are actually for? Archie was happy though and slept most of the day to celebrate.
I walked to town and bought some lentils and curry powder. Also a paperback copy of Norman Wisdom's autobiography. I've read the first chapter about his deprived childhood - reads like a Dickensian novel!

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