Friday, October 10, 2008

Regal Memories

Just found this old clip again from local news channel about the Regal- our local cinema before it closed two years or so ago. Very sad to see it still empty and falling to bits now as we drive past it. No sign of the proposed arts centre and multiplex and hardly likely now in currant financial situation- credit squeeze etc.


Jonathan said...

It's definatley a shame to lose these theatres. We've had some hold outs here, the ones with real stages... Harvard Square Theatre was one that lasted longer than most, saw Tom Waits, Doc Watson, Commander Cody, etc. there. I think that Somerville Theatre might be the last... Billy Bragg plays there sometime this month. I think they've multiplexed it a bit... but the stage is still there.

wastedpapiers said...

Luckily the small cinema run by the council at Knutsford is very good though doesnt have a great selection of films. Sometimes we go there as its not very far and the town is nice to wander round and shop.