Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seasonal Artistic Disorder

Hazel took this photo of the woodpecker on our nut feeder. It's a bit blurry but these digital cameras are useless at distance shots through slightly grubby windows. We've not seen him since. The bouncy squirrel came again yesterday and was doing all kinds of acrobatics on the bird feeders- hanging by his tail etc. He managed to chew through a bag of peanuts and they all cascaded to the ground and all the birds swooped down and carried them off! Doh!

Good news about the zombie film we were extras in - will be shown over Christmas at local tiny cinema in Knutsford - a charity premiere no less. I expected it to go straight to video so a chance to see it on the big screen will be a treat ( I think?)

Went for a walk yesterday before lunch to get rid of a bag of mouldy bread rolls at Shackerley. The ducks,geese,swans, and sea gulls were apparently starving and quite a feeding frenzy went on 'til the whole lot went in about 5 minutes - feathers flying everywhere! I think some of those ducks are zombies as they have a funny look in their beady little eyes.

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