Friday, November 16, 2007

Behind With My Doings

This week seems to have whistled by and here it is- Friday again.
Winter really has started this week with very cold frosty starts to the day - mostly in the mornings. Hazel had to scrape ice of the windscreen yesterday but today wasn't so bad. Too cold to point and my efforts to smash a hole in the concrete for a new gate post came to nothing. Really we need a big sledge hammer or a pneumatic drill - throwing large rocks at it was pretty hopeless!
Today I did some shopping in town- found a great Popeye DVD with some really old Fleischer Brothers films. I think we have some of them already but a couple I dont remember. Also Lee & Herrings "Fist Of Fun-Live" on video which isnt as funny as I remember them being in the mid 90's. Alright for 20p though. Got a pile of books and CD's from the Salvation Army shop which was having a sale. From the market book stall got a great old 60's "HOMES" magazine with lots of collage material in - ugly rooms to fill with strange people and perculier objects. I have a head start here!

Discovered , after a few phone calls, that DHL will charge 94 quid to send a parcel to Norway ( door to door ) but only 31 quid at the post office, which I thought was expensive anyway!

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