Friday, November 23, 2007

Fickle Flickerings

Another week nearly gone and not much to show for it. I rejoined Flickr again which was probably a bad move. Nice to share some new photos though and a few old ones from the Leigh Jones Archive. I'll try and get a Flickr widget or whatever they are called at the side here to click on.
Went for walk into town this morning. Very frosty but lovely bright sunshine. I didn't find much just a video of some strange puppet animation with Prof. Stanley Unwin as a vicar who fights evil secret agents and spies. Sadly he doesn't do any of his famous gobbledegook talk - not in the bit I watched anyway. I can see why it never caught on! It's by Gerry Anderson who made Thunderbirds, Super Car, Space 1999 etc.
Made a chilly bean pot crossed with a curry tonight. Also we had chinese vegetable spring rolls that Hazel bought at Morrisons yesterday. It was a weird mixture but seemed to work.


scrapatorium said...

I'm loving that collage!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Angelica. Not sure what's going on there but maybe he's a door to door tiny ladder salesman trying to interest the lady in some product or he's a painter and decorator who's come to varnish her bannisters?

Roger Stevens said...

How do you post songs on the Blog? There's a button for uploading pics and another for videos.

Sorry I missed Wilf's birthday. Did you hang balloons outside so that other small mammals and rodents would know where the party was?

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Roger. What I do is find a place to host the files like YOU SEND IT or SENDSPACE and upload the file there first and make a link to it.
At ipernity, which I dabbled with for a while, they had a good system where they had a sortof jukebox widget at the side which played songs as you clicked on them but I dont think blogger has that facility- correct me if I'm wrong someone.
It would be a handy addition here I think but most people can't handle too many widegts at once as it makes them dizzy.

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks. I'll look at them. Widgets do make me feel giddy.

wastedpapiers said...

Good luck! Just to show you how easy it is here's a version of Beefhearts Dirty Blue Gene by someone else.