Thursday, November 08, 2007

Charity Market

It was the annual charity market in town today. I went with Hazel despite the drizzle. It was a pretty dissapointing affair with mostly ticketed prize stalls ( what the devil are they called? ) and old tat decanted from the charity shops. I bought a CD of music from South Africa. Not sure what Hazel bought. She had her eye on a folding cake stand but I sneered at it -later it had a price label of twenty quid which seemed a bit steep. Hazel went off to get a smaller folder for her photos to send to Norway and I did the rounds of the other shops- Help The Aged, Oxfam, Age Concern, Red Cross, Scope etc..

Hazel took loads of photos of the fireworks in Verdin Park- this is one of the best.
I painted the rest of the bathroom as it was drizzling again when we got home. Will have to do the "pointing" tomorrow if the weather is better.
We are back onto "Grim Fandango" on the PC. Archie is further on than me. I got stuck half way through last time I played it.
Hazel is in her workshop this afternoon - bashing some bits of metal into shape.
Archie said his day at school was dull but not as horrible as he feared. He's off on a school trip to Liverpool tomorrow so hopefully that will be a bit more fun. He's really down on school at the moment. I felt the same when I was his age- couldnt wait to leave.
Time to go and make a fish pie.


Roger Stevens said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Actually you both look mad!

We're having fireworks in France, which is where we're off to on Saturday. Jill['s Dad is rather looking forward to it. I think he's in his second childhood. Or it might be his third or fourth.

Just about to eat a big vegetable casserole.

Yummy yum.

Love to you both.

Glad Archie is still burning plastic soldiers!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Roger old chum. Glad to hear Jill's Dad is feeling youthful again after his illness.
The burning plastic soldiers thing is obviously in the genes as i used to do it when about his age- heating up nails in the flame of the "geyser"( hot water heater) and operating on them.Weve had out yummy fish pie and peas and Hazel will have her share when she gets back from yoga in a mo.

Its the great photography series on BBC4 later. Will have to move the Freeview box to the front room.

treena said...

what a rubbish wet day, i got stuck in a charity shop hiding from the rain and i heard them talking about all the rubbish they had sent to the charity fair!!!
happy anniversary too!

wastedpapiers said...

I thought as much. It was mostly rubbish too. Its sunnier today. Must get out and get those bricks scraped and pointing pointed!

Anonymous said...

It must be the fumes from the toy soldiers that did it then!!
tee hee

wastedpapiers said...

I know that tee hee anywhere. Shouldn't you be giving lectures on Creative Methodology?
Its' been raining and freezing cold winds blowing so curtailed my pointing activities for this afternoon. Awaiting the tap tap at the front door of our errand son back from Liverpool ( on a school trip to the Tate ).