Monday, June 25, 2007

Grid Polaroids

Jane took these grid polaroids at the bar-b-q yesterday. I look slightly sozzled , which I was. Hazel in her "Happy Talky Talky" chinese dress. Archie and Wilf up the cute factor.


Nan said...

Seems like back in school they showed us how to use a grid like that to draw a picture.

Apparently if you can draw what's in each square on the picture grid in the corresponding square on a similar but blank grid, you can draw the picture.

You probably already know all about that, but it made me think of it. How did you put the grid on it? I may try it myself with one of my pictures.

wastedpapiers said...

That's right. I often used this method to blow up drawings onto canvas at art skool. I think this is special polaroid film that has the grid actually already in place in the emulsion or something. Jane took these by mistake as when they appeared she said "O no! it's grid film!"

Jonathan said...

Yeah... I've often used the grid when working from photographs...
Back in Art Skool, I did a project where I cut up a picture in the grid form... passed out the bits to others and had them reproduce them in the medium of their choice (in an enlarged size) then assembled the piece.
My first collaborative piece... before Mail Art!!!

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Jonathan - sounds like an interesting project. I still have lots of grid drawings in my folder . I'll have to dig some out and scan them. Or maybe not!