Saturday, June 09, 2007

After Hiroshige

This is a gummed paper collage I made back in 1976 when I was living briefly at my Dad's before moving to Stepney. I made quite a few of these garish things at the time - narrow boats, roses and castles, water lilies etc. probably trying to compensate for the dreariness of my surroundings in Basildon. The East End of London seemed very colourful and full of life by comparison.

Still suffering from an achey back thought it's not as bad as it's been previously. Hazel and Archie have gone out for their yearlyeye tests. I can't go into the front room as Hazel has washed the curtains so it's like a goldfish bowl in there - the room flooded with light.

The weather is really hot today - we had our lunch of "tear and share" cheesy bread and salad in the garden. Our neighbour is having an aerial or gate made( maybe both?) and so its quite noisy out there what with the chatting and sawing and hammering.

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