Monday, June 25, 2007


Had a small bar-b-q party today to celebrate my birthday and a chance for Hazel to get together with some of her colleagues at work and try and not talk about degree shows and students which was quite hard for them. Hazel bought tons of food so we shall be eating garlic bread and olives for the next few days! The kebabs were nice though the rain spoilt our plan of sitting outside so most of the food was grilled indoors on the stove which set the smoke alarm off. It's very sensitive and even goes off when nothing is being cooked and we are watching televison!
Got some more cards and presents including some nice metal printing blocks of a lawn mower and radiator from Jane & John. A puncture repair outfit and book light from Dave and a book about weird japanese inventions from Nick and Joan. Later the nice neighbour over the road spotted the balloons that Hazel had tied to the door and came over to wish me a happy birthday ( I can't believe you are 60!) and gave me a tin of lager and a candle holder. Hazel thinks he came with the candle stick for her just incase it was Hazel's 60th ! Most unlikely I said - he could see that I am a fan of the tea-light!

The rain hasnt stopped since. There is a river running down the garden path and slugs have climbed onto little rafts made from the slug traps to escape the worst ravages of the weather.


Adele said...

Damn smoke alarm - we fitted a new one recently and it goes off at the slightest whiff of the overn being switched on. At least we know it works but I spend an awful ots of time flapping a tea towel at it!

Enjoy the party food :)

Adele said...

oven not overn, sounds a bit witchy!

wastedpapiers said...

Its a bit spooky when they go off on their own with no hint of smoke or even cooking going on!

We made some great mini pizzas with all the left-overs. Piled up the mozzorella, toms, basil and olives on the sliced olive bread and drizzled with olive oil. Also the remains of a kebab chopped up and arranged neatly on top. Yum!

It made us think- maybe we should have done this in the first place!

Adele said...


Our front door bell goess off when there's nobody there. It's one of those 'wireless' ones and we think it must pick up on other peoples' bells or something. A bit spooky though (and annoying when it happens in the middle of the night!)

Jonathan said...

There's no way someone could mistake Hazel for being 60... she doesn't look a day over however old she is!!!

wastedpapiers said...

HAzel said..which is ??
very diplomatic Jon....but not diplomatic enough!!
You could have said she doesn't look a day over 40. (I am in fact 44) GAsps all round.