Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eeee Teeth & Gauge Eyes

This is an old collage from the mid 90's. It got turned into a postcard back then courtesy of Boomerang who set up racks of them to give away at cinema's and student unions. I never really understood why but for a time they took me under their wing and printed a few thousand of my collages which was nice. I got 500 to play with of each batch printed so it kept me in postcards for several years. I still have tons of the Beautiful Britain series if anybody wants any? This one is all gone though. It enjoyed brief fame when appearing on the C4 sit-com "Spaced" - you can see it stuck up on the fridge in the first series and in the second it moves to the side of the kitchen door.

Hazel has gone into town for some retail therapy . I went yesterday but didnt find much. I got soaked in several small showers. I found a DVD of the Coen Brothers "Miller's Crossing" for 99p. Not one of their funniest efforts but good to see again. Also some bread from Marks & Sparks ( no bagels!). Got the local papers but no mention of any boot sales this week.
Hazel is back from her shopping. She got some more anti-squirrel nut vendors as the pesky varmint chewed through the last couple and all the nuts went everywhere!


Jon said...

You had one of your artworks featured in Spaced?!!!! That is totally awesome, as they say across the pond.

How's the weather your neck of the woods? It's horribly raining-not-flooding down here. Suppose we should be grateful...

wastedpapiers said...

It gives you the same kind of buzz when you hear your name mentioned on the radio.

The weather is pretty dull and wet here too. More like February than June- but looking back February was probably a lot sunnier!

Roger Stevens said...


Still got your present here. I can see it as I type. It's making me feel very guilty that I haven't posted it yet. Not have we made you a card. This also adds to my guilt. But the best things are worth waiting for.

It's sunny right now but rains on and off. Jill did the Race for Life yesterday and I went to cheer her on. A five kilometre walk/run round parkland in brighton. It poured and poured and poured and we go very wet. But worth it as Jill raised lots for the cancer charity.

Good news on the CD - the artwork is nearly done. And crazy June is nearly done. Well, it is done officially as today is July. But a busy week ahead and then I can start getting back to normal a bit. Finishing the CD/art work for Poems in Space and, yes, sending you your present.

wastedpapiers said...

Oh the GUILT! Better late than never as they say - I look forward to it and the CD's and covers. Have you moved yet?

Well done Jilly! I did the Race of Loaf once - down to the corner shop for some white crusty bloomer.

More sunshine and showers here today- more showers than sunshine it has to be said! Hopefully next week will brighten up a bit , especially when I find your soggy parcle on the doorstep!

wastedpapiers said...

Parcle? It's a kind of infectious rope for lowering bollards onto flannel.