Thursday, February 15, 2007


For the last three days have been full of the nasty germs and bugs that Hazel had/has. It is a particularly rotten strain of viral infection that turns you into a zombie ( not again!) and all you are capable of doing is watching day time TV from 9 until 12 and then a break to chew on a dry crust and eat copious ammounts of paracetamol based cold cures! Also sucking throat sweets and gulping cough syrup by the spoon load. Nothing seems to work really but you feel comfort for a little while that they might do.

Hopefully Hazel will feel well enough to go back to college soon. Archie hasn't succumbed yet thankfully so his half term holiday is only spoilt by his sickly parents groaning and sniffling!


Roger Stevens said...

Poor boy. Poor girl. Get well soon.

Jill's dad is still poorly. We're flying him to France tommorrow to his own doctor and the hospital near where he lives. The doctors at the Conquest in Hastings have been doing their best to kill him - at least that what it seems like. The list of mistakes and blunders and lies you wouldn't believe.

Well, we're flying him if we can get enough helium into him and a long enough piece of string.

michael said...

to hear that Jilly's Dad isnt any better. Hope the French Doc can sort it out. Makes our sniffles seem rather pathetic. Still feel achey all over this morning - I was hoping I'd be well enough for a trip into town . I'm going stir crazy indoors all the time!

michael said...

Lost a "Sorry" from the beginning of the last message. Sorry!

sghinopaullimo said...

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Ben Tripe said...

YES Fish of course...

Nan said...

Michael and Hazel, I'm so sorry you're both under the weather. This seems to be the time of year for it. I'm glad the bugs don't seem to like Archie.

Had to make my blog private to keep my cousins out of it, but it can still be accessed at if you ever want to visit.
Nan (Still Cate Really)