Thursday, February 01, 2007

Auction Fever!

Hazel has been bidding for a few items at the online auction for the Regal bits and bobs. The signs saying "Seats Can Trap Tiny Fingers" and "No Smoking In Regal 1" etc. went like hot cakes much to our surprise. Everything seemed very cheap a few days ago but there was flurry of last minute bidding that pushed the prices up beyond what we thought was a bargain. Hazel might have a solid oak door to cart home. No sure how! She wanted that most of all so she got her wish. She's going to put it in the workshop to replace the flimsy one that's in there.
We went to the Mid Cheshire College the other evening for a look round the Media studios. They had lots of equipment but not much creative use of them sadly. Archie has the option of going there for two hours a week but we decided it would be wasted messing around with Photshop and Illustrator. He does that at home anyway. They mention "moving images" in the hand out but it was a lie - the woman in charge looked perplexed when we asked what sort of moving images they used. "We don't" she said. So it's a lie then?

Went to Chester on the train yesterday for a wander. I dont find much. A CD of Charlie Chester which is pretty awful. Also a cold cheese pastie and Mojo magazine to read on the journey home. It had a free CD with it of unknown bands playing versions of the songs on Sgnt,Pepper's Lovely Hump Club Badge. The bits I listened to were pretty awful. I must admit I havent listened to the original in ages as I heard it so much in 1967 that I started to hate it. I always though Revolver was the masterpiece if I have to choose one.
Chester was very crowded so I was glad to get back on the train again. They have put up some electronic barriers at Chester now so it takes ages to get onto the platform, especially with a coachload of kids being ushered through by some officious looking teachers and flustered railway staff!


Jon said...

I agree about that Sgt Pepper CD. What a disappointment! I'm surprised, because MOJO is usually much much better than that.

michael said...

What a waste - I expected better having been seduced by the lovely vibrant artwork on the cover and sleeve!