Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Still feeling a bit under-the-weather due to bugs and virals of last 10 days or so. I don't remember having a cold that lasted so long or affected me so much. Hope I can shake it off by the time Hazel gets back from Berlin. She's gone with a college trip - flying off from Liverpool's John Lennon airport today. I didnt think she'd be well enough but thankfully she is despite a lingering cough. Hopefully she'll have a nice couple of days and it won't be too tiring for her. She's been before so knows her way around though lots of rebuilding work has beeen going on I hear. So Archie and I will fend for ourselves until Friday.
I ventured out yesterday for the first time in ages. Foolihsly walked all the way into twon and back. I would have got a bus but didnt see any. My legs turned to jelly half way home and I just made it! I feel like some old geriatric!
I got a few bargains including a nice old book about the Music Hall and the Postcards From The Boys they were selling off cheap in Booksale. Its full of pstcards sent to Ringo by the other three Beatles. I gave it to Hazel as a belated Valentines present to get my own back for the Book of Roundabouts she gave me! It least it has hearts on the cover.

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