Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blood Is Thicker Than Walter

Hi Roger and Jilly, glad to hear you are re-untited! Love is a wonderful thing - I have had a revelatory experiance not unlike finding jesus in the cupboard under the stairs! I blame this rotten flu bug that has been plaguing us for the last threee weeeks! Poor Hazel looks exhasuted after dragging herself round Berlin and me fretting over her. Now she is back I have had a relapse and had to go to the docs. I pooured my heart out to him and he looked as if I was going MAD! He has passed me onto a bereavement councellor ( sometime in the future?) to talk about my Mum and Dad. Their deaths over five years ago really shook me but I didnt know it at the time. Hazel thought I handled it quite well but obviously not! I have been having yo-yo ing emotions - from gloom to elation to sobbing wreck! Poor Hazel sent me to docs and he listened to my chest through his periscope and sent me for a bloood test 00er! which I had this morning- didn't get a badge saying "YOU GAVE BLOOD - BRAVE BOY!" though the nurse was amused by the one of an earwig I was wearing. It's to cheer people up I said. ha ha - we all laughed. It took our minds off the blood being drained out of me. Hazel drove me home and I had a nap after a small breakfast. I woke up with dizzy smells and headachey still and feeling about 109 ! Cripes! I've never felt like this before. So there you have it in a nutcase. No worries about the al-bum cover. Keeep it and use as frisbee! We can do a joint one but when I am all better!

Hazel has gone for a nap now. poor thing. She's worn to a frazzle!

Archie has beeen given lots of treats as we both feel guilty for being ill. We got him the latest "Kaiser Chiefs" LP which is really good the bits I heard- better than there first. He's put it on his i-pot.

Just phoned the n u rse at surgery and shes made appointment for Friday and blood pressure, which I haven't had done for ages. A small woman from the co-op will do it apparently as they are short staffed.

I am taking anti-biotics which look like mexican jumping beings and Hazel is on chinese mushroom spore pills! O how we laugh! O how we cry! Boo hoo!

Lots of love , Michael Hazel and Archie. XXX

p.s. we have a big long parcel in the hall - for the neighbour. We keep lifting it up to guess what is inside. Its very light. Hazel thinks its a sponge on a stick! Whats your guess?


Roger Stevens said...


yes, Jill's back. All is well. I think the package contains a very light souffle.

Jonathan said...

Where is the package from ???
Might give us a clue as to its contents.
I sure wish you guys would get well.
Makes me think that I left my illness behind.
My illness was all about my behind.

michael said...

I thought you said it was three night watchman's brassieres tied together Roger?

Its about 6 feet long and 4 inches wide and came from Stockport.

This makes your small illness look pretty pathetic really Jonathan! You are in no way to blame! Tons of nasty bugs going round- even getting into the petrol at Tescos and Morrisons!

Roger Stevens said...

I changed my mind. Actually what I really think is - it's an unusual-shaped balloon.

michael said...

Roger, you young devil! The reailty is that it is something quite mundane with a hint of surrealism - touched with the dadaistic nuance of a kipper party on Lawwence Llewilum- Bowens balcony!

Quick Agatha a few fresh sprayed twigs for the alcove! My cuffs have dangled in the gravy! I think thats what he said on Grumpy Ol' Art anyway!

I nearly choked at some of the statements. Hilarious! I will write more tommorw- we have beans to spill!