Monday, May 22, 2006

Rain rain rain rain rain but no water.

Evil Space Twins
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
We got round half the damp and soggy boot sale at Weverham yesterday befor the drizzle turned to a downpour and we ran back to the car to steam gently and look at our purchases. Archie got the best bargain - a four video set of Futurama for three quid. Hazel found an ironic tin watering can with a leak. I got a DVD of some comedy in aid of Amnesty International. The traffic lights had been vandalised by some drunken hedgehogs in the night so we had to take a detour round the back of beyond to get home. Earlier Hazel made a dash for it whilst they were on permanent red and luckily missed any traffic coming the other way and we certainly didn't want to do that again!
This is another collage from the great "Paramount" book that Trevira gave me. More to come.
Archie went to town with James on Saturday with James' Mom at a safe distance . They came back here after lunch and made a daft animation together with James providing the voices.
Watched the second part of the thrilling Dr. Who adventure about the Cybermen and later the Eurovision Song Contest. Archie's favourites the heavy death metal band Lordi, from Finland, won much to our surprise and delight. Hazel's favourite, the Lithuanian Harry Hill lookalikes, came a close fourth or fifth.


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

hedge-hogs are much more dangerous than I imagined

michael said...

they can be very awkward after a few pints!