Sunday, May 07, 2006

No Boot but Bikes and Bluebells.

Halfway to the boot sale this morning and the rain came down so we turned round and headed back home. Ofcourse later it cleared and was quite dry by the time we got home. After breakfast we went out again to Marbury and the bluebell woods that were almost ready last week but not quite. They looked fantastic today so maybe it was a blessing the rain came down when it did and we could see them in all their glory. We took a few photos and then round to the mere to feed the ducks and ducklings with out stale bread.
Hazel decided to drive back through town to see the Thundersprint bikes and hairy bikers that took up every inch of the pavement. It took ages to cross the Weaver and get through town. We've been before and didnt get to see much of the racing , just the backs of peoples heads. No air display this year either so we didn't bother going. All the pubs seem to do good business with bikers spilling out onto the street.
We went home for lunch and watched part of a creaky old Sherlock Holmes film with whatisface? and thingy. Archie is making up songs and strumming along. One is called "The Wonky Eyed Builder" about the man who built Hazel's workshop.


swapatorium said...

Beautiful photo!

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. It's a beautiful place so not hard to find something that looks good in the view finder. Although my cheap camera does tend to accentuate the blues this time the flowers really did zing !