Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bargains galore!

We are did quite well at the boot sale this morning at Hartford in the car park of the Bowling Club. Hazel got a pile of metal things including some old tins and gadgets which no doubt will feature on her blog in the coming weeks. She also found some old coronation mugs and cups and a nice bakelite pencil sharpener that clamps to the table edge. Archie got a book about Horrible Histories. I found some PC games including Halo and Daikatana. My best bargain though was a huge thick book about Walt Disney with some great early chapters about the beginnings of animation and lots of story boards and drawings etc. for two quid!
After lunch we went for a walk as the weather was o.k. and the rain clouds had kept their distance. Marbury was pretty full but managed to find a quiet path through what was left of the bluebells. Fed the ducks and ducklings with our stale bread. Sat in the bird hide and waited for a mouse to nibble the crusts but he never showed up. Hazel and Archie tried to help some woman and her son fly a kite and I went and got an ice-cream and watched from a safe distance! The wind wasn't consistent enough and it kept crashing.
Watched Beetlejuice again tonight on an old video we dusted off. Nice to see again. One of Tim Burton's best early works.
Archie has a nasty cold so don't know if we will go to the other bootsale tomorrow.

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