Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Postcard time again.

It was Crewe flea market again today. Surprisingly it was Hazel's sister Audrey who phoned us just after 9a.m. to ask if we were going again as she enjoyed it so much last week. Audrey is hardly ever up and about before 10 a.m. so this was quite unheard of! Ofcourse we were happy to go again, especially if the 10p postcard stall was there, which it was. I bought another 20 or so - some of which can be found on my Flickr stream. Audrey bought about 50 - including some for her Mom who couldn't come. Hazel bought some old toffee tins and one contained all kinds of goodies including a message capsule for a carrier pigeon and some tiny hooky tools for what purpose one can only guess! ( see Hazel's blog to see some of them HERE.
It was very hot so we only stayed a couple of hours and glad to get home.


vfm4 said...

that reminds me of me... :-)

michael said...

Thanks vfm4. Nice photo. Drop by again sometime.