Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Hot To Blog

Bluggy bloggy bloogy. Its HOT! Too hot to blog! Hence the lack of blogmess this week. I can't remeber much about it. Spendled to weekend mostly watching Glastonbury on the TV and saying "Phew! It's HOT!" etc.
Not much else on worth watching. Glasto was pretty dull for the most part with only highlights being some old codgers from the 60's and 70's who managed to struggle up onto the stage and show those whipper snappers a thing or three. So a weekend of nostalgia and endless greatest hits.
The boot sale was at Cuddington in the school field. A few bargains including the first three series of Peep Show on DVD a quid each. Misery and Nacho Libre. Hazel bought a pile of old rusty keys and some other metal thingies for her blog.
Archie dragged himself out of bed to come too but didn't get anything.
Yesterday I walked to town and got some groceries. The library sale had a few cheap CD's including Ry Cooder, Modest Mouse and Phil Spectors Greatest Hits. All 50p each.
Time to make the dinner. Something nice and cool methinks , that does not entail much cookery or heat. De frosted kipper or hand wafted salad?
Decisions decisions!


Roger Stevens said...

Good to hear you bought some groceries. Sometimes it's hard to keep up!

The flatest WV yet! yes...

Jonathan said...

Hot... we've had nothing but rain.
(Montreal was great weather)
It rained at home while we were away and the guys coudn't get any work done... obviously we're trying to work outside. Pretty much the same this week. Got in one day and fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Today, I helped a friend move house in downpours.

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry for the delay- hiccups on the message vetting front. Only just noticed.

No idea what a flat WV is. Water Vole?

Poor thing. Weather has turned decidedly autumnal. Remnants of Hurricane Doris I reckon.