Monday, June 18, 2007

Farther's Day

Archie made this nice design on some wrapping paper - inside wasa box of dark chocs. He also gave me a CD of 60's and 70's hits with a cover he had made - a self portrait again. I left it in the car so can't scan it yet. We listened to it - Sweet, Canned Heat and Santana as we drove over to Weaverham. The boot sale that Betty ( at Age Concern ) said would be there wasn't on! Betty is always right so this came as a bit of a shock! We drove around for a while trying to find others and eventually found one over at Peover in the "cow pat field" - so named as it was full of fresh cow pats when we first encountered it a few years ago. The indian chap who takes the pound as you drive in is famous for scratching his crotch just before you hand him the money so Hazel drops the money from a safe distance!
Not many stalls there - about 6 altogther and two of those are burger vans! I do find some bargains though - a stall full of cheap DVD's and plump for Hellboy ( we enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth recently by the same spanish director ) and one about J.M. Barrie with Johnny Depp. Also two CD's - "The Temperance Seven" Vol. 2 and some 50's rock 'n roll classics.
Hazel bought a book called "Bo**ock's To Alton Towers" written by people who write for Viz comic about unusual family days out - The Garden Mower Museum, Port Sunlight etc. Archie bought an old broken fob watch to give to his Mom for her birthday.

We stopped off on the way home for a walk around Shackerley and fed the duck's with invisible bread.


treena said...

Cool drawing archie, i made it too interactive arts late, after seeing my daughter off to her prom my train then broke down !! I stayed over too and did the altricham thing on the way home, what a drag. I keep trying to email you, mine is, please send me your words for the sorting office. they have gone and put up a sign saying mail art by treena! dont think they quite understand it as yet, so i need to change this fast!!

Roger Stevens said...

a pigeon tells me it's someone's birthday soooon

wastedpapiers said...

I hope you got the Word file I sent now Treena? I hate writing personal statements as they either sound too daft, simplistic or just plain pretentious!

Coo! That pigeon gets around! Yes, it's the big six oh! People saying I don't look it doesn't make me feel any better about it! I'm looking forward to getting cheap fares on the bus though. Do you want these POEMS IN SPACE books Roger? I asked you once before but got no reply. I expect you've been busy.