Friday, June 01, 2007

Down On The Farm

This afternoon we went for a short walk around Shackerly to feed the geese and swans with the two crusts we had saved. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day. The village on the way reaked of rotting fish for some reason - maybe they use it as fertiliser? I still ached a bit so made use of the many benches dotted round the perimeter. Took a few dogy time delay shots as I scrambled back into position and the camera hanging precariously from a nearby twig.
Afterwards we took a diversion to the Organic farm near us with lovely views of rolling fields and rolling cows etc. The had some baby chicks to coo over and organic ginger beer - just like an Enid Blyton novel! We bought some expensive organic produce from the farm shop for our dinner.

As well as the chicks there wasa flop eared rabbit in a pen and some sheep and lambs.
Kids are well catered for there as they have a big wendy house with three rooms and a "race track" outside with push along cars and trikes - games and a small cafe where parents can buy tea and coffee and cakes etc.

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