Saturday, June 16, 2007

Degree Shows

Yesterday we went to the Interactive Arts third year students degree show at the MMU in Manchester. Archie and I went after he had got back from school and met Hazel in the Holden Gallery where the I.A. have been put this year. Its certainly a much bigger space and makes a change from all those awful abstract paintings that usually clutter up the place. The Private View was very crowded and noisy what with all the "sound art" and birds chirping, live music and chattering students etc.
Afterwards we went for a pizza before going back to the hotel we normally stay at on these ocassions.

The next day we had breakfast in a local health food cafe "The 8th Day" and I bought some vegetarian pies and huge fruit muffins for lunch. Was able to look round the shows without all the noise and hub-bub which was far better and enjoyed most of it. Hazel had to be around to oversee the Interactive Arts so stayed until four but Archie and I had enough by 1 so came home via Altringham on the tram as the railway was up the creek for some reason.

A general view of the Interactive Arts show with one of the more interesting exhibits - a chicken coop with a TV screen inside showing a film of chickens in a battery farm and voice-over by a member of some animal rights group who made a raid on it to set some chickens free. The "smallest art gallery" in the world just behind it made from a former porta-loo with photos of loo signs from around the world on it's walls.


Adele said...

That's good that IA were in the Holden for a change, I think people get a bit lost beyond 'the link'! Looks very busy as usual...shame not to be there.

hazel said...

hello Adele.yes we are in the Holden Gallery....special pride of place for once....we are srry you can't come too..but I expect you are rather busy at the moment!

Adele said...

Hi Hazel

It all looks rather good - no flimsy dividing walls, makes the most of the space for a change...

Hmmm, busy waiting for someone to arrive :) Only a week to go, but looking out for signs all the time. You'll be pleased to know I'm getting lots of rest now.

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, despite being under par this year it was far and away much more inventive and engaging than anything else! Shame you couldn't get up to see it but realise you have other things on your mind just now!