Sunday, June 03, 2007


My old chum Jim Benson from Basingstoke sent me word of this film of Chucklefoot on You Tube. I think he said his son took the film in Basingstoke recently. A great one-man band and he has puppets too!

This morning we went to three boot sales which seems a lot but they were all quite close and smallish. The one at the Winnington Scouts was the largest but I didnt find any bargains - I think Hazel got a box and medals and brooches. The next in Witton was by the Indian resturant and pub. I bought an old minidisc player for three quid - its quite chunky so imagine it was one of the early prototypes. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to have a proper plug for the mains so will have to get one to power up the internal lithiam battery. Not sure what Hazel bought. Surprised to see our old neighbours Louise and Nigel? who live over that way now with a stall , trying to sell some clutter they had accumulated. We compared notes of lower back pain as Louise suffers from it too. She scared me , telling me her chiropractor nearly pulled her head off last time she went!
The next sale was quite pitiful at Lostok Community Centre and only four or five stalls with mostly rubbish. I bought an Athlete CD for Archie for 50p which has a free DVD with it. Archie was embarressed by a lady inside the hall who tried to sell him some black bed sheets saying he looked like " a kinky sort".

Next to Granma's for tea and biscuits and the sunday papers whilst Hazel took Audrey to the pub bootsale again.
Poor Flo the rabbit looks rather sickly at the moment and typically its the weekend when no vets are open. Hopefully she will perk up by tomorrow.


Fifi LePew said...

you have to be coordinated to do that for a living. The puppets are an inventive touch.

I got your foot postcard this week. What a happy & unexpected surprise amongst all the junk mail! Thank you, Michael.

hope your chiropractic experience works out.

wastedpapiers said...

Glad the footshaped postcard turned up fifi. Back slowly getting better but its taking a long time to get back to normal.

Adele said...

Black sheets?! 'kinky'?! Blimey.

wastedpapiers said...

I know- fancy saying that to a very shy fourteen year old boy! I'm blushing just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Hazel said..
Archie was gobsmacked that anyone could even suggest such a thing..
he is growing up fast..
I could have made the joke about not needing to be washed...but ARchie likes clean sheets.
Good to see him blush though...tee hee.
Archie's teacher said.."keep clear of woman ARchie they spend your money and break your heart" theres a bitter man with a troubled past.