Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stale Bread and Toadstools

Just back from a nice walk around the woods and lake at Marbury. Fed the ducks our usual supply of stale and mouldy bread. Archie gave some to a little lad who had no bread. We explored a new path cut along the bank of the stream that feeds the mere. Took some photos of toadstools and other brightly coloured and sticky looking funghi. You can see them at my Flickr stream.
Very crowded in the woods today- twitchers and groups of ramblers and families with bouncy dogs and barking children. Heard some woodpeckers in the distance and saw them flying high up in the branches as we got closer. Some twitchers stopped by us too to remark upon it and confirm what we had suspected. We had left the binoculars at home so didn't get a closer view.

Hazel almost didnt leave the house as she is full of cold and headache again. Shes gone back to bed now. Its not long since her last bout of sniffles and sore throat despite all the lime juice and orange she drinks.

Archie is doing his homework after cleaning out the rabbit and the hamster quarters.
Almost time to go and make the dinner. I think it might be nut roast again as we have a half of cabbage to eat up and I found three packs of onion rings in the freezer! Who knows what else is lurking at the back?


Roger Stevens said...

There's nothing like a quiet walk in the country is there? Just you and nature and a sense of glorious isolation.

BTW looks like the CD is going to be in an EP style jacket. So the cover could be 7" X 7"

Pouring with rain here. A blue-black cloud hovers over the sheep in the distance.
Given that we may be moving in the summer - and that you now have satnav - when are you going to visit us? We've visited you literally hundreds of times...

michael said...

It does re-charge the old batteries I must admit. Even Hazel felt better despite her cold but now gone back to bed to catch up with sleep. She was awake most of the night coughing and sniffling. So that woke me a few times. Archie is off this week so I dont see much chance to get on with the CD sleeve design for a while. Is there a deadline?