Sunday, February 25, 2007


This is one of the funniest clips from a wonderful film that we stupidly missed when it was at the Regal. It got very little exposure at the time I seem to remember which is a shame as it's brilliant! Go and borrow or buy the DVD now. We treated ourselves and hugely surprised at how inventive and funny it was. I nearly choked laughing at this mad goat with the interchangable horns. The music is fab too. I'd love to find the soundtrack if only for this one song! Looking forward to seeing the directors commentary at some point. Also, it was done on a shoe-string budget apparently with just 5 thousand dollars and two computers!

We popped into town yesterday and bought a few things( incuding this DVD ) - Hazel got some old kitchen weighing scales from the Hewlp The Aged - they have a set of weights with it. Not sure where they will go? I bought a nice old copy of Dover 1800 woodcuts and a japanese writing pad from the same place. Later we had a take-away curry as I didnt feel much like cooking. Still coughing like an old 50 Capstan a day man! Hazel bought me some evil cough mixture that tastes like creosote - if it doesn't work it will be good for re-painting the garden fence!

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