Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weaverham Boot Sale

Found a few old postcards at the Weaverham boot sale this morning including "Jolly Jack" here. Another was a lovely collaged one of cigar bands that Schwitters would be proud of - possibly made early last century and before Kurt got his hands on his scissors and glue pot!
Also got some cassettes and vinyl but nothing really exciting. One tape just had "Stars on 78" scrawled on it and later discvered it was a radio show made for BBC Newcastle by the presenter Frank Wappatt. Mostly it was dance bands of the 30's but some intriguing tracks amongst them by Japanese artists doing versions of "Show Me The Way To Go Home", "Makeway O Makeway" and other favourites. Also Lonnie Donegan in 1973 and some fine rockabilly on the MGM label. The vinyl was less impressive - the pub singalong "Time Gentlemen Please" was pretty much as expected and the single "Tin-Tan-Tivvy" was a terrible song sung by The Corona Kids.
Hazel got a few oddments for her collection including a xmas pudding tin and some chinese metal puzzles. Archie bought two 8mm movie films of Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin for a couple of quid. He used to watch lots when he was a nipper on an old projector and seems he'd like to collect them again.
It started out quite cool but once the clouds rolled away the sun was as back to it's recent strength and we wilted again. Hazel and Archie went to the organic farm shop after lunch to get some ice-cream to go with the strawberries we bought the other day. I have been making some collages for Scrapiteria.

Cigar Bands Collage 1913
Cigar bands collage by unknown persons. 1913 ?


scrapatorium said...

That cigar band collage is a great find!

michael said...

Isn't it though - and only 25p!