Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sultry Days and Sleepless Nights

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It's always nice to get fine weather when you have visitors but this humidity is getting a bit much. I barely slept a wink last night and the night before. It felt like all the windows were shut but they were all open. Phew! They all went off swimming again yesterday to a place in Chester. I stayed at home in the relative coolness of our little house, which seems much smaller now we have four extra people in it!
I spent the afternoon making a compilation in response to the nice archive gleanings that Gordon sent over from Pennsylvania, where he now lives. He used to teach Ian Dury when he was a lad so a few comedy bits by him tacked onto the end which was nice to hear. He'd obviously been a big Peter Sellers and Goon Show fan!
Also the continuing transfer of VHS tape to DVD. Four hours of old Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons that Archie used to watch all the time when he was a nipper and obviously sunk in.
In the evening I made some quiche and humous ( not the rotted leaves!) and we had some salad and waffles.
They seemed to have enjoyed their swim. Hazel went off to shop and bought some strange sparkly shoes, the sort you might wear with a tiara!
It was nice at dusk to see the bats flying round the garden and the relative coolness - thunder rumbling ominously in the distance.


Syl said...

Well, the bootsales all sound wonderful with treats for all...
aye, sweltering here too! But won't complain as we've actually had few days of sunshine! Home-made pizzas...yum! Look forward to Hazels finds being posted.
Hey...Is Italy vs France!!! Now that is a surprise! I think Italy will take it. JOnathan soon off this week for the mailart show in NY for a few touch with Keith Bleur(sp?). Fantastic fireworks for the 4th July...sounded like a massive attack!!!
Oh...will be seeing Al in Cardiff if all holds true...need to see you guys a place or what works for you!
Hugs to all...

Jonathan said...

I think she means "Buzz Blurr"

Roger Stevens said...

Hey Syl... are you coming to the UK?

We must meet up!!!

Jill's Canadian relatives are visiting us in August. It's obviously the year for people to visit the UK.

Hope the Norwegians are enjoying themselves.

michael said...

We are due a trip to Cardiff Syl but not sure when. Hazel and I have old friends there we havent seen for a while. Maybe we could arrange something if you are not coming this way. We owe Roger and Jilly a visit too ofcourse. So many people to see and not enough time, or times that don't quite match up.

The Norwegians are in Newcastle now for a day, staying with other norwegians before getting ferry back to Bergen and long drive to Hamar. I think Esther was thinking of going to look at Hadrians wall but I dont think there's much of it left?

Roger Stevens said...

Actually, Michael, I think you owe us about seven visits...


Syl said...

Oh man...always mix up Keith Bates & Buzz for some reason! Thanks, Jonathan.
Michael, I think it may be around the 10th or so (Sept)when we see Al. It would be awesome if we could all meet up there so check up your calendar!
Aye,Roger< those darn Yanks are invading again! ;-D Wouldn't it be lovely to meet? And if by some miracle you fancied Cardiff too...what a dream.
Anyway...think about it and see if we can't make it happen.
Roger...hugs your way!
Michael, stay cool!

Jonathan said...

Michael... should we come visit you and then go down to Cardiff together ??? Just an idea... trying to work out an itinerary... trying to see as many friends as possible in the short time allotted.