Friday, July 28, 2006

Stain Collecting

Tony and Pene dropped by to drop some birthday cards and presents off which was nice of them. They stayed for tea and a chat and tour of the garden. Tony showed us his collection of stains he had aquired during their day on the Wirral. They had driven to Ikea in Warrington and then to New Brighton and further round to the golf course where the recent Liverpool Open was played. Nice beaches round that was apparently and you can see the wind farm from the other side. On the other side of the Mersey at the lighthouse who's name escapes me- where we flew the big kite last year. It seemed like a nice day out and maybe we will try it soon. Back to the stains. Unfortuanley the back of the chair reacted badly to his wet shirt and another stain aquired to match the Branston pickle that Pene had dripped on him.
Archie was at James', camping in the garden and today going to North Wales with James and his Mom. he just texted to say they were stopping off for chips and would be home soon.
Today we went into town for some shopping. Hazel needed to stock up with sugar. I got three CD's from charity shops and the library sale. The Dandy Warhols "Odditorium", an african band from the Congo that I'd never heard of and a compilation of Voices Of The World - featuring many world music acts such as Ladysmith Black Mambaso, Black Umfolosi ( who were at Archie's school a while back) and Billy Bragg! How did he get on there?
Also found a book about old comics that Archie will enjoy.
It's been a bit cooler today so Hazel has been gardening and I have been collaging and copying some old Jools Holland shows and Glastonbury Fest. tapes onto DVD. Gradully whittling away at the pile of old VHS tapes and throwing them out- making more shelf space.


Jon said...

Very impressed you are copying your videos to DVD. Where do you find the time? I keep wanting to bin my videos - especially as so many are now on DVD (was just sent the two disc edition of 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' the other day!!!)

michael said...

Well Jon, I'm at home all day so no problem to set up the video and DVD recorder and go off and do some collaging or blogging etc. and come back in time to switch it off at the appropriate moment. Sometimes I forget ofcourse and get tons of commercials or junk that I didnt want copying! But I suspect the commercial breaks will seem just as fascinating in years to come!