Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boot at Moss Farm

Gathers no stones. Or vinyl or much else for that matter. maybe I'm getting too fussy? Archie got a few annuals - Topper 1971- 1972 and Beryl The Peril 1978. He was very annoyed at missing a stack of old 1920's CHUM comics for 50p each that some old guy grabbed just before him! I told him he should get up earlier. He did well for bargains though as he found two boxed sets of Futurama for two quid each which he is watching now. Hazel didnt get any gadgets but two Magic Roundabout ceramic mugs. She's had to take her sister and Mom now as they refuse to drive anywhere they haven't been before! No wonder they never go anywhere! All I found was a lined notebook for 10p.
Thankfully it is cooler. The car has a thermometer and has been up in the 28c mark all week but now down to 17c.
Hazel's Mom dragged us all the way over to Lostock for a fictitious boot sale at the Slow & Easy. O well, nevermind, maybe it's on next week.

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Syl said...

Good Morning, Michael! Apologies for no paying attention & missing both yours & Hazel's birthdays! You both look the same as ever to me...what's that song...Forever Young? Must be doing something right!
LOL at Hazel being excited over carwax & shampoo! I got excited to get a new coffee bean grinder. But hey...getting a new car...not a bad present! My old clunker keeps putting along...only good thing about it is it gets good gas mileage! Gas prices are horrendous.
Michael...don't you ever camp out in the tent? Haven't done that in ages but sure used to be know fum, don't you?
Take care all...

michael said...

Hi Syl. Thanks for kind remarks - you old flatterer you! We dont drink much coffeee so a can't get excited over a new grinder. I would get excited over a new record deck that played 78's but havent found a cheap one yet. Hazel's thinking "Oh no!".
Gas prices have always been high in U.K. and Europe- welcome to the real world! We have shorter distances to travel though so not so bad - the benefits of living on a tiny island. Hazel was trying to work out the petrol consumption for the new car- seems to work out at a pound a trip. So a lot cheaper than public transport if all three of us went.
Have fum yourself!

Jonathan said...

Ah, right on the petrol prices...
I took the bus to NY for $50 round trip... cheaper than driving.