Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boat Museum - Ellesmere

Hazel drove to the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port today - the first big outing for the shiny new car. Thanks to the AA route directiosn we printed out from their website we managed to find it o.k. and it only took about 45 minutes. It was just past Chester Zoo which we'd been too before in Audrey's car so knew most of the way. Hazel was still nervous though but felt better after we arrived. The main reason to go was that Archie was doing a special one day media course with the Gifted and Talented group. He was a bit nervous too at being there but seemed to enjoy it. They had to make a short film about "friendship".
So we had four hours to look round the museum which was probabaly just right. We imagined it to be a tiny place we could get round in an hour or so but delighted to find so many buildings and exhibition rooms. Some had huge boilers and engines in- old pump houses, blackmisths forge, stables, lots of boats in various stages of decay etc. We had a nice big breakfast too in the cafe - very friendly- they even gave me an extra fried egg!
It was very hot and the car was like an oven when we got back to it. Niaga emoh yaw ruo dnif ot deganam ew sdrwkcab snoitcurtsni eht lla gnidaer.

A rotting hulk of an old boat in one of the duck weed covered docks.


Roger Stevens said...

I wonder when your shiny new car is going to visit us?

michael said...

More of a chance of going by bus!

Roger Stevens said...

Are you saying that your new shiny car would come and visit us on the bus?

hazel said...

No. Poxy Joe is happy here for the time being.