Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fainting and Fish

A funny day all round really, starting off quite warm and later the heavens opened and buckets of rain came down. But still we are threatened with stand pipes because of the water shortage in some parts! Daft I calls it. Hazel fainted at college and luckily was soon up and about again. She blames not having any breakfast, the stuffy office and stress. A student fainted the other day too she said so maybe a bug going round.
I went into town this morning and got a few things including some smoked haddock for a fish pie. Also got some veggy slicing sausage ( soya protein ) and some dried fruit ( apricots and dates ). In the bank I was waiting in my normal queue and the teller told me I was in the wrong place since they'd changed it all and never told me! I went through my Victor Meldrew routine and told him they should put notices up telling people things had changed. An old codger behind me just laughed it off and said sorry to the clerk for being so senile! ( Yes you are)

Made a collage when I got home but not this one. Audrey phoned , wanting to know where we got our colour photo copies made and I told her we have our own and she was welcome to use it. Lo and behold she arrives on the doorstep by the time I put the phone down!
The fish pie was very nice despite forgetting to put the boiled eggs in. I don't think they add to the flavour much though.


Roger Stevens said...

Fish pie - yum! Were there prawns in it?

Hey, whered'you find that picture of my sister?

michael said...

Yes, a few prawns and cheese mashed in with the spuds. It was pretty yummy I must admit. We dont eat much fish really but occasionally we treat ourselves and Archie enjoys it too. He's a bit of a fussy eater but better than he was when he was little. He's put on a bit of a growing spurt and as tall as Hazel now almost! Soon he will be towering over me!

Your sister seems to have found her way into The History Of Paramount.

Jonathan said...

More concerned with Hazel's fainting... is she alright ???

michael said...

Hazel is fine Jonathan although very tired and sleepy. She went to the doc's for a check-up yesterday and she said she might be anaemic. She's going for a blood test later today.She's having a couple of days off work to recouperate.