Monday, May 01, 2006

Boot Sale at Weaverham

Slowly catchin g up with all the blogging and Flickring I've missed over the last week whilst being offline.
Yesterday we went out early to the boot sale on the field in the middle of Weaverham, which is about five or six miles away. It was drizzling a bit but quite a bit turn-out of punters. We had to park miles from the field though as there didnt seem to be anyway onto it. later we discovered we needn't have and Hazel parked on it when she took her Mom and sister on the second leg. I didnt get all that much despite the wealth of junk displayed. No scratchy records alas, though I looked through many boxes of dubious vinyl. I did get a bunch of dodgy piratey DVD's though for 50p. Mostly trashy horror and sci-fi things I'd missed in thepast like Alien vs Predator and Hellboy. Also Pirates of ther Carribean which seemed appropriate. ( We watched it last night- terrible sound quality but just about watchable ) Also a brand new copy with bonus disc of Spiderman 2, which we enjoyed at the cinema. Not bad for a quid. Bought it mainly for the "making of" and documentaries on the bonus disc. I think the short Lego animation by our old mail art chum Tim Drage and his pals is on it somewhere? If it's not it should be.
Delighted to find a video copy of Akira and documentary by the director for FREE when I bought Yojimbo by Japanese director Kurusawa for a pound. No idea when I can get round to watching all this stuff though!
Hazel got a few things - two old tins, old metal vice and tin snips and later when she went mack with her Mom and sister she found an old stool ( with lift up lid and storage and drawer ) and a small spanish guitar for a fiver. It had hardly been used. Bought ,apparently for a child who got fed up with it and it had been in its case ever since gathering dust. Archie manged to tune it later and it sounds really nice. Hazel and Archie have been playing duets ( mostly the theme to Mission Impossible!).
After the bootsale we took Archie over to his friend Sam's house near the Art School for a birthday party ( they went off to Megabowl ).


Big Al said...

I'm still here!

michael said...

Nice of you to drop in Al!

cemenTIMental said...

think the short Lego animation by our old mail art chum Tim Drage and his pals is on it somewhere? If it's not it should be.
It certainly should be indeed, but it's not!!! >_<

Don't go there! :)

Sorry to have not been in touch for an age... will actually send something at some point!!!

I went on a Car boot wild goose chase yesterday... ah well, at least I know where it is for next week! :)