Monday, May 01, 2006

Bank Holiday Boot

Hazel , Archie and Cyberman
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Didn't get to the botsale at Frodsham until 11 this morning as the weather was so awful. Freezing cold up on that hill - the wind blowing from the Mersey!
Didnt get much. "Life Equatic" on DVD for two quid. Hazel bought a small sparkly cufflink made of brass, copper and mother-of-pearl. We had considered going to the exhibition one of her students was in at Norton Priory but decided it was too cold. Maybe some other time when its warmer. So we back tracked to Lady Hayes to find a great Dr. Who exhibit in the new "barn" that is mostly full of tacky gems and rocks made into jewelry. They had a full size Tardis police box and you could go inside and marvel at the space. It was all done by mirrors and nothing like the original. Still, a fun idea. It even had some sofas inside to sit and watch the Dr. Who intro on a small television. Also Tom Baker's hat and scarf hanging on a coat stand. We wandered round the antique barns and bought a few things including a 50's leaflet from Oslo and a 50p record by Hank Snow which will turn up at Boot Sale Sounds I expect. Archie bought two 70's Topper annuals going in a half price sale.


Roger Stevens said...

The Life Aquatic.

Great film. And odd - which is always a bonus I think.

Hot sunny weather yesterday - and even hotter today.
I nearly lost my tomato seedlings which were wilting in the greenhouse.

hazel said...

A bit too odd for us I'm afraid. It was supposed to be a comedy but I didnt laugh once! Some interesting images though and surreal bits of animation , weird fish and crabs etc. I think we have another 30 mins. or so of it to watch as we got bored towards the end and realised the Freize-green documentary was on BBC2.

Its quite cold here and some smatterings of rain today. I was going into town but thought better of it.
Hazel and Archie have lots of seedlings on the go. Peppers, marrows, sunflowers etc. The slugs have been having a nice feed. Bought some organic slug distractor.

hazel said...

slug distractor!!?....thats sounds good..where do you get it from...?
does it wave lecttuce leaves over the other side of the garden!!??
Mickel wrote the one above...under my name no less.....

hazel said...

Its HOT in Manchester...a rare event so I thought I better mention it.

michael said...

I never have got used to this "username" business! This really is me this time. Its hot here too. Just put some washing on the line- should be dry in no time!
How do you make a screen capture anyway? Is a pdf file the same thing?
I'll let Archie do it when he gets home from school.