Sunday, March 12, 2006

More snow!

Another snowman
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But it didnt last long. Archie was brave and went into the garden to scoop up what was left and made a snowball sized snowman and put it on the window sill to look in at us in the warm. How cruel!
Didn't bother going to the boot sale at Weaverham High School as I'm sure nobody went to it. Who'd be mad enough to stand around in this weather in a freezin' cold slushy playground?
Spent the day recording some tapes onto disc for Jim in Basingstoke. He sent some rare Chuck Berry and Don Partridge ( the one man band ) to copy.
Hazel went into her workshop once it had reached the right temperature and continued with her metal mangling.
Yesterday I went into town as it was milder than today. Tempted by some goats cheese on the market but the sign said "Rolled in ash" which put me off a bit!
The above snowman was made by Thomas and his sister over the road. I think Archie helped too. It wasnt really yellow snow- just playing about with the iPhoto tweaking system.

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