Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trip to Chester

norway fire meet
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I went to Chester on the train yesterday for a change of scenery. I took my camera but neglected to take any photos , being too busy shopping for old postcards like the one you see here. The Oxfam shop had the best selection and i got just 5 for 20p each. Also found an old 1960's Ray Stevens album with a few novelty songs on the best being uploaded to Boot Sale Sounds.
A lot of the charity shops seem to have closed or moved which is a shame. I was tempted to go and listen to the Free Lunchtime Concert in the old victorian town hall but bought a chewy health bar for my lunch and walked round the covered market. Seems they have plans to re-furbish that whole area so hope they don't spoil it. Saw a few crocodiles of school children marching to the Roman walls and museum etc. with a cold kneed centurion leading them. "Sinister Dexter Sinister Dexter!"
Home in time for tea and toast. Archie ran in and ran out again, off to play with James at his Gran's until dinnertime.
Hazel has been sorting out her cupboard. She;s bought a strong metal box for all the important documents, wills,deeds,birth certificates etc. in case of a fire. She thinks of everything!


Roger Stevens said...

But will it keep out radiation in case of a nuclear attack?

michael said...

I dont know Roger- maybe it will and maybe it won't? tootle tootle toot!