Monday, January 09, 2006

Book Sale at Library

The library sale is usually quite exciting with lots of cheap books, tapes and videos etc. but today they seemed to have found the dullest books imaginable! I didn't buy anything. Probably just as well as we haven't any shelf space. I did the usual tour of the charity shops but also failed to find a bargain. In the discount DVD and CD shop found "Ghost World" in a sale which Angelica had mentioned as being good. I waited in the baker's to be served but the shop girls were flirting with some labourers buying pies and seemed to take ages so I left in a huff. The old dragon was in the next baker's so I didn't venture in there. I ended up buying some white rolls and a small brown loaf from Iceland which I vowed never to go in again, but time is a great healer.


Roger Stevens said...

I've got a cold which is a bit pants. I caught it from Jill I think, who had it over New Year.
Congrats to Archie - masterskier.
And comisserations about Northwich Victoria going out of the cup. I expect you were gutted.
Liverpool nearly went out, too, but rallied in the second half, as jolly well they should.

michael said...

It would have been nice to see them get through to the next round but they did well to get so far. The local paper was full of it this week. I watched the Liverpool game which was quite exciting. The one between Thingy United and Whatsit Rovers was good too.......