Friday, September 02, 2005

Walk to Neumann's Flashes

Bluer sky over Flashes
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A pleasant stroll down the old Marbury road thats been closed off for some years now and turned into a footpath with access to the new walks around the "Flashes" or man made lakes which were once something to do with the salt mining industry. Lots of bird hides and fences with viewing slits to watch the wildfowl and other birds that use the reeds and water etc. Very few poeple around despite the beautiful weather and still the school holidays. Amazing to have such an idyllic nature trail so close to the town centre- you'd think it would be packed with people. We saw one family, one man walking his dog and one woman on a bike in the whole hour we were there.
I cleared my table a bit today you'll be glad to know so making collages is a bit easier- I even made a new one and overcame my fear of the Pritt-stick!
That sky was very Norwegian looking today with little white fluffy clouds dotted around, but I'm sure it wasn't quite the blue seen in this photo!


scrapatorium said...

Glad to hear you cleared your table. It can be a real pain when making collage. I line my table with wax paper and when I am done, I just throw it away with all the snippets. I also keep a small broom and duspan next to my desk for those pesky papers that fall to the floor.

michael said...

You are obviously quite a bit more organised than I am Angelica! It wouldn't even cross my mind to collect all my snippets up! I sometimes scoop them up from the floor if they hinder my movement accross the room!

Cate said...

And how high do they get before they hinder you Michael?

I have an idea for your next collage--you as Moses and the snippets of paper as the Red Sea. I'm a little unclear as to what to suggest to use for the parting of the Sea to make a path to your table. Um, maybe an anteater vacuum under your arm. Then too, that opens a Pandora's Box of possibilities . . . like what's under the snippets when they're removed? JK Cate

michael said...

Cate, you have a vivid imagination - Moses? The Red Sea? an anteater under my arm? It all sounds very surreal and ideal fodder for a loony collage maker! I shall probably use those ideas in future project- filed under Bonkers!
Thanks for the ideas!

Roger Stevens said...

Fear of the Pritt Stick? Did I read that right?