Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday fun and games.

snakes & ladders
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Only one boot sale today, over at the High School in Hartford , about three miles away as the starling flies (they are hundreds gathering for a mass exodus!)
I found two tin toys that I'd seen before but they were expensive for reproductions. They were cheaper this time round so bought them. They are ducks who ride round in circles with propellers on their heads ( one has his missing). Made in China like most things these days.Also got "Shaun Of The Dead" on DVD and a book to cut up for collage. Hazel got some ARP tunic buttons and a bowl of tin badges. Most were pretty new but a couple of older ones of interest which will appear on her BLOG no doubt.
Archie didn't get anything and went round with a face like a someone on the X Factor who's just been told they haven't got any talent.
Hazel has gone off there again to take her Mom and sister to get some gaudy nick-nacks and ceramic what-nots.
Hardly any records to sift through sadly so Boot Sale Sounds will have to rely on old stock.


Roger Stevens said...

So here we are again. Where did summer go?

Surely you of all people know the song "Way down upon the Swanee River..."

Well, we didn't get to see you this summer after all. Maybe you'll be visiting London soon and you can pop down for a day or two. How about half term?

Edz mailart CD came. Very impressive.

Hey ho, best get on, as the man said at the bus stop when the bus came.


michael said...

Hi Roger- glad to see you back in the blogland again. Summer is still going on here thankfuly- we've arranged for it to last until November 1st.
I dont quite see the significance of the Swanee River in relation to a loss of some kind even in the present circumstances. Where is it anyway?
We have no plans to visit London in the immediate future. We are rather put off by the bomb scares and train cancellations and hold-ups etc. At the best of times it's pretty dire. We just can't face being stuck in one of them blinkin' Virgin trains for hours. Maybe next Spring.
Ed did a good job. His blog was impressive enough but a bonus CD-ROM was beyond the call of duty!

Hazel is outside in her workshop- inventing things. She has a few more days before college starts again.
Archie is back at school and settling back into the routine. He's ploughing his way through The Edge Chronicles - he's on the third book now I think. Good to see him reading so much but wish he would go to bed before midnight! I had to shout at him that breakfast was ready three times this morning!

Cocaine Jesus said...

Now there is a date that resonates. November the first 1972. My first kiss with the current wife. Cor blimey, thirty two years ago. Hopefully you are right about the summer lasting but as at the moment it is p p p p p p pouring down and rather chilly I don't think that you will make it as the next Michael Fish!

michael said...

How amazing to remember the date of your first kiss - it must have been really something! I think my first kiss with Hazel was bit of a fumbled effort as she ducked and i got the top of her head!

Roger Stevens said...

I can understand that. It was probably a bit scary.

michael said...

My aim has improved over the years.