Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Slap Dab Cabbage

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My Dad used to say this from time to time long before the advent of DAB radio. I walked into town today and one of the things I bought was aan optical lead for the DAB radio so that I could plug it into the MD recorder and record onto the dozens of minidiscs I bought at the boot sale. I had this brainwave and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. Also got a puncture repair kit from Argos for Archie who has a flat tyre. Bobby Zimmerframe has just started wailing on TV so will return to this later.
That was great. Those idiots booing him when he played his electric set in '66. Some very funny moments too standing outside a pet shop and making up some improvised poetry using the writing on the posters outside. Brilliant.
What else I got? I got money from bank (twice). Posted a packet at post office. I got Moby Dick. I got A House With Flying Daggers from the library. I got a flying library from the bank. I got a Moby post office. I got a house with a flying packet. I got you under my chin.
The gasman cometh in the morning to replace the old one with a grand spanking new one. A digital gas meter? Bright shiny gas meter. I don't really know why but I expect it will charge us more for the gas!
I got a very heavy bag so had to get the bus home. Plugged in all the wires and it worked perfectly. Great!

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