Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day trip to North Wales.

At last, something to write home about! A nice day out with our old chums Tony and Penny to Talacre beach, on the mouth of the River Dee, North Wales. Such a great place with a little lighthouse , dunes and soft clean sand that stretched for miles. We took the kite that Tony and Penny had given us and after much assembling and string unknotting managed to get it aloft where it look very splendid against the blue sky. We had a picnic by the dunes and watched the dogs and people walking by and the other kites in the distance. The windmills on the horizon kept changing colour as the light hit them - from white and then dark grey so they were almost invisible.
One the way back we stopped off at the remnants cloth place for tea and cake whilst Penny and Hazel went shopping for bits of cloth.
Today it was sunny so the boot sale at Weaverham was pretty packed. I got a big stack of minidiscs for a fiver. Foolishly I bought a minidisc player a couple of years ago on the strength of getting some discs of old 78's that someone had promised me. I got a couple but they fizzled out and it's been idle ever since. So nice to have a all these to play on it. A strange mixture of 80's disco and dance tracks upto more recent things by Oasis and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Archie sounded keen to hear the latter.Also found some old postcards including a pillar box with arms and legs. Hazel got some too and a pile of Deakin crockery for 20p. She's pulled a muscle in her back and so hobbling around like an old lady going "Ooh" and "Ouch" every so often.


scrapatorium said...

Sounds like a lovely day! We sure could go for a little R&R however, I am staying far away from the beach, at least for a little while!

The 78s you bought, do you mean 45s? I'm not a record person, but I thought 78s were the older records. Once in a while I see 45s at the thrift store, but like your find, they are mostly 1980s tunes.

Tell Hazel I hope she feels better soon!

michael said...

It was. So nice to breathe that invigorating sea air. We were thinking of you though Angelica, battening down the hatches in Rita ravaged Houston!
The 78's were old shellac discs that a contact said he would transfer to minidisc for me. He runs a radio station where they play nothing but! Unfortunately its onthe south coast and no internet service as yet so we can't hear it. He sent a couple but obviously got tired of the idea for one reason or another and I've not heard from him for a year or so.
I think mini discs are a bit of an obsolete medium now with the advent of super DVD and MP3 players etc. Gone the way of Betamax and 8 Track cassettes! Obviously why I could buy a hundred or so for five quid. I'm still working my way through them. Some really awful stuff like Jean Michel Jarre and Robbie Williams etc. - a really strange mixture but mostly that easy listening soul and R &B. Some of which I quite like.

Hazel has hobbled off to work this morning feeling a bit better than yesterday but still not feeling all that great. Hopefully the train won't be too bumpy!

Syl said...

Now what has Hazel been up to to take her back out?! careful!
But the trip to Wales looks and sounds terrific! And always nice to be able to play music on our old players...memory lane, to be sure.
Ah, fresh air....

michael said...

Kite flying she says. I did soemthing to my back a few years ago and all I did was bend over to pick up a nail in the shed and I felt somthing "go" and I was stuck doubled up for about an hour before I could hobble indoors again! Its a horrible feeling.
Ive just had a brainwave about the minidiscs. If I get an optical lead I can join up the DAB radio and MD recorder and save some of my favourite programmes onto MD. On LP mode you can cram up to 4 hours onto one disc!

Roger Stevens said...

Poor old Hazel. Well, not old but you know what I mean. Backs, when they go, are the worst thing. Love hugs and cuddles, Hazel!

Missed the first part of Dylan, but hopefully it's been videoed for me. Will see part two tonight.

Glad you had a fab time with the kite.

"Oh, Kay

Said Kay.

(poem from this word verification)

michael said...

Hazel is feeling a bit better today, thanks Roger. The first Dylan doc. was great. Lots of rare footage I'd not seen before, so looking forward to tonights 2nd part. watching manchester Utd. out of the corner of my eye as i write this, leading Ben Flickr by one goal.

temppixie said...

Sounds like the day was worth alittle pain! Often the day out, unplanned, is the one that throws the most supprises, and enjoyment!
p.s I know we are all putting these boxes with scrambled letters in to stop junk e mail, but after a couple of drinks it's taken me a couple of attempts to get them in the right/ wrong order!

Big Al said...

With minidisc also you could tape stuff off the DAB and with a programme like garage band you could make your blogcasts even weirder by overlapping speech and music, and another level would be a minidisc recorder with a microphone-I have a good one and I have recorded stuff like the train announcements at Cardiff. They still use them in broadcasting Michael, be creative with it, you are with everything else.

michael said...

Thanks temppixie. sorry abou the word verification but I have to type it in twice sometimes too if that makes you feel asny better- no drinks either!
I like the idea of the mixed and overlapping sounds Al but not really firmiliar with garageband and no mike on the MD recorder- its cheap basic job. Theres an inbiult mike on this laptop but the quality is a bit iffy. I might have a go with that at some point.