Friday, July 29, 2005


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We went to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film this evening which was better than we thought. The sets and special effects were certainly more impressive but what was lacking I think was some good novelty songs with some hawaiian guitar and ukulele's! That loud disco/heavy rock stuff just sounded so crass and noisy.A lighter touch was needed. Two hours seemed abit long too and to get the next lot of punters in they stopped the film as the credits were rolling which I thought was a bit mean.


Roger Stevens said...

That's just not on. I'd have complained.

I'm one of those people that like to stay in the cinema until the credits have actually stopped rolling.

I mean, if I was third cameraman on the left I'd want everyone to see my name rolling past.

Jonathan said...

Right, Roger...
and the caterers...
there's a reason these things are listed (a legal thing, no doubt).
But if you have to view them while they play lousy music, I'd rather go home...

Cate said...

You hit the nail on the head! The music was typically Tim Burton, but your suggestion of hawaiian guitar and novelty songs would have made it so-o-o much better. I would have recast the Oompa Loompa also. Not that he didn't do a good job, but just to make his a more appealing and funny character.

I can't complain though. I had my five year old grandaughter in my lap and my seven year old grandson at my elbow, and life doesn't get much better than that.

My grandaughter thought the Oompa Loompa was hilarious dressed as a female secretary with sweater and pearls so maybe I'm off target on recasting him.

The four year old hated the whole thing and had to be carried out crying by my daughter-in-law thus missing most of the movie. His little lower lip was still quivering when we came out. The Hawaiian music would have definitely helped. Cate

Roger Stevens said...

My grandchildren have just been for a weekend visit. They just left. (Phew! I'm done in. Such energy. Jill's asleep on the sofa.)

last night we watched finding Nemo. Scary or what? The things kids watch nowadays.

But I know what you mean, Cate.I had to be taken screaming out of Pinoccio.

michael said...

Sometimes the credits are the best bit! Useful to see who did what and the music credit too which is sometimes useful when you want to know who did that perculier catchy song in the scene with the electric wiffle twanger and the bouncing flibbits.
Not in this case though.

The review in the Sunday Times today thought it lacked a certain something too and Tim Burton was just playing it a bit safe. I felt that. I'd seen it all before in Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice and the music was better too!

jennifer said...

these images are brilliant! Thanks for posting them!

TOR Hershman said...

Dear Michael, on 01-31-05 you wrote at J. Stangroom's blog.....

"Archie is still full of cold and likely to be off tomorrow as its PE and they go outside to play football which he hates anyway. So he should be better by next monday but a lot of school work to catch up with! he did two very funny short animated films today( about 5 seconds each) of a bit of Spike Jones "joke" he found in itunes and growls and farts of lion at beginnin g of a parody of The Lion Sleeps Tonight butgg it was the Lion Farts Tonight! 12 year old boys find this hysterically funny for some reason!"

Well, "The Lion Farts Tonight" is mine, and, YES, I'm quite proud.
Ahywho, did you, or Archie, find moi's lill' bit at itunes?

Just wondering.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

BTW: I am only "Mentally" twelve, physically ‘bout 148 goin' on 200.

(•)   (•)

michael said...

Thanks Jennifer, glad you like them.
Thanks Tor. Archie only used about 5 seconds of your song for a short experimental flash animation. I will try and send you it but havent had much success with sending them by email for some reason. Will maybe do a show reel with it added. It appeals to the 12 year old in all of us ofcourse!

michael said...

Not sure where we found it. Probably I put a search in at Dogpile. We find a lot of things that way.