Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rainy Walk

Rather soggy walk to the organic farm shop and cafe this lunch time. The rain just got heavier and heavier and I got wetter and wetter. To make things worse the cafe seems to have undergone some sort of transformation and become more meaty and more expensive. The soup of the day was chick pea and butter bean - yuk! So we came home for fakey bacon and scrambled egg sandwich! Which cost us about a quid instead of the £15. More money for Archie's MA fund. Lots of traffic down the lane and some massive 4 by 4's going too fast round those bends. Lucklily we survived and managed to get home with all our limbs intact. I had to change my clothes though as I was soaked to the skin. Hazel cleverly remembered to take a brolly.

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